By Master Account 30 Dec, 2016
Cleaning up a real Christmas tree requires a large gallon size tree bag or plastic bag, vacuum, broom, dust pan and garbage container.First remove all decorations, lights and ornaments. Cover it with a plastic bag or tree bag.

Loosen the truck from the tree stand and lift it out and place it in the bag. Don't drip sap on the floor or your rugs. Take the tree outside before you dispose of it when possible. Sweep up the needles inside and throw away in a bag in the garbage.

Christmas cleaning means calling for the tree to be picked up by your town's waste management.
By Master Account 30 Nov, 2016
Influenza is a winter illness that easily spread in cold seasons. During this flu season, people in the office are at higher risk of getting and spreading the infections to their colleagues because influenza virus is airborne and can survive for nearly an hour in the air when an infected person sneezes. This means, there will be significant time lost because more people will need time off from work in winters to recover from the colds and this might interfere with work life deadlines and productivity. As an employer, you should hire professional cleaning services for the office to avoid exposure of flu viruses as a prevention measure.
By Staff Writer 25 Oct, 2016
Halloween is fun, but can leave behind creepy messes! Some messes are too frightening to handle alone, especially stains. You may opt for a professional cleaning services. Otherwise, prepare to do a lot of scrubbing, scraping, and washing.  Stain removal requires scrubbing, scraping, washing, purchase of special removal chemicals, and even soaking. Of course you could do this yourself, but there are other options! Call upon Jan-Pro of Arkansas to get the best stain removal services around!
By Staff Writer 19 Sep, 2016
As summer draws to a close, it is beneficial to change up your seasonal cleaning routine. You can clean your facilities for the fall by turning your attention indoors. Fall clean up involves, but is not limited to washing all windows, vacuum dusting fabric blinds, cleaning the walls spot, the cushions, and furniture, and cleaning the ceiling mounted light fixtures. You should also dust off your fridge condenser coil, spruce the computer, and straighten the closets. Outdoors, you should clean the gutters, patio furniture, drain the pool, and check the exterior paint. What might help improve your cleaning routine is  hiring the services of a qualified janitor by contacting commercial cleaning service companies who have the expertise to offer professional cleaning. 
By Staff Writer 17 Aug, 2016
Cleaning a medical facility is a different experience compared to cleaning a regular place like a house or office. It requires professional cleaning to clean a medical facility like a hospital or doctor's office. The reason for this is that a medical facility contains various bacteria and viruses that cannot be cleaned through conventional methods. As such, medical facility cleaning requires a special type of disinfectant that will ensure its cleanliness. Failure to properly clean a medical facility has serious consequences. It can lead to cross-contamination and more people will be sick due to the disease transmission that has occurred in the medical facility or hospital.
By Staff Writer 15 Jul, 2016
Nobody likes to workout in a dirty environment. One of the reasons why people come to a gym or fitness center is because of the clean, quality workout they receive. Plus, when someone is sweating, they don't want to have dirt, dust, hair or anything else stick their wet bodies. From cleaning the machines to the floors, the best way to maintain a quality, clean fitness center is with the help of a professional cleaning service. This service is able to assist in providing a clean gym, which goes a long way in attracting new members to the fitness center.
By Staff Writer 16 Jun, 2016
Cleanliness is the easiest way to gauge the safety and effectiveness of a warehouse. A manufacturing facility or warehouse that is tidy is safer, more productive, and organized. A forklift that leaks oil creates slippery spots that can cause falls and slips. Overflowing garbage, pallets, and debris can limit the forklift operator visibility. Cleaning the debris, accumulated junk, and gleaming floors ensure the safety of employees in the facility by avoiding slips, and exposure to harmful substances. Cleaning the facility is a worthy time investment that improves employee attitude and productivity. At the warehouse and manufacturing facility, safety pitfalls are too real to be ignored.
By Staff Writer 14 May, 2016
The banking industry is one of the most fast-paced and competitive industries in the world where customers often fail to identify the benefits of one bank over the other. At Jan-Pro of Arkansas, we take bank cleaning very seriously, and we understand the environment and the little things that often go unnoticed such as a professionally maintained bank; this can be crucial in bringing brand-new customers.  Our commercial cleaning service offers you seamless cleaning services and specialized cleaning that benefits your bank. We have developed a reputation for providing the best in class service for the banking industry.
By Master Account 13 Apr, 2016
There should be no question regarding the importance of keeping your community's churches and religious facilities clean and orderly. Parishioners and congregations attend religious services and participate in church events in order to have a sense of community and spiritual well-being. That's why it's crucial that all public areas, bathrooms, recreational rooms, entryways, and ceremonial areas be clean and tidy in order to promote a sense of calm, peace, safety, and respectful. Churches and other religious facilities are considered to be holy and sacred buildings and cleaning them should be a very high priority. Remember the old saying that our parents' always told us: "Cleanliness is next to Godliness."
By Staff Writer 02 Mar, 2016
Childcare centers and schools are very sensitive to germ exposure because of the children. They harbor a lot of dirt and grime, which endangers the health of children. Daycare cleaning, as well as school cleaning, helps in preventing sickness among children in school and in daycare centers. However, the cleaning should not be done haphazardly. In fact, only professional cleaning ensures that schools are safe for learning. Professional cleaning experts pay attention to detail dealing with all harmful, subtle germs. Principals and school directors who have chosen professional cleaning services attest of the reduction in occurrences of their children and students falling victim to germs in their institutions.
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