Religious Facility Cleaning

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  • 13 Apr, 2016
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There should be no question regarding the importance of keeping your community's churches and religious facilities clean and orderly. Parishioners and congregations attend religious services and participate in church events in order to have a sense of community and spiritual well-being. That's why it's crucial that all public areas, bathrooms, recreational rooms, entryways, and ceremonial areas be clean and tidy in order to promote a sense of calm, peace, safety, and respectful. Churches and other religious facilities are considered to be holy and sacred buildings and cleaning them should be a very high priority. Remember the old saying that our parents' always told us: "Cleanliness is next to Godliness."
By Master Account 30 Dec, 2016
Cleaning up a real Christmas tree requires a large gallon size tree bag or plastic bag, vacuum, broom, dust pan and garbage container.First remove all decorations, lights and ornaments. Cover it with a plastic bag or tree bag.

Loosen the truck from the tree stand and lift it out and place it in the bag. Don't drip sap on the floor or your rugs. Take the tree outside before you dispose of it when possible. Sweep up the needles inside and throw away in a bag in the garbage.

Christmas cleaning means calling for the tree to be picked up by your town's waste management.
By Master Account 30 Nov, 2016
Influenza is a winter illness that easily spread in cold seasons. During this flu season, people in the office are at higher risk of getting and spreading the infections to their colleagues because influenza virus is airborne and can survive for nearly an hour in the air when an infected person sneezes. This means, there will be significant time lost because more people will need time off from work in winters to recover from the colds and this might interfere with work life deadlines and productivity. As an employer, you should hire professional cleaning services for the office to avoid exposure of flu viruses as a prevention measure.
By Staff Writer 25 Oct, 2016
Halloween is fun, but can leave behind creepy messes! Some messes are too frightening to handle alone, especially stains. You may opt for a professional cleaning services. Otherwise, prepare to do a lot of scrubbing, scraping, and washing.  Stain removal requires scrubbing, scraping, washing, purchase of special removal chemicals, and even soaking. Of course you could do this yourself, but there are other options! Call upon Jan-Pro of Arkansas to get the best stain removal services around!
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